Standardized on OAuth2 and OpenID Connect for secure authentication and authorization semantics.

Continuous Delivery

Upgrade and rollback streaming data pipelines with zero downtime and no data loss

Prebuilt Components

Select from over 60 prebuilt applications to kick start the solution for your use-case.

VMware Data Products

Ready to connect with VMware Data Products including Gemfire/Geode, PCC, GPDB, Pivotal RabbitMQ, Pivotal Redis, Pivotal PostgreSQL, and Pivotal MySQL

Programming Model

Build streaming and batch applications using Spring Cloud Stream and Spring Cloud Task projects. Choose from several event-driven programming models: Channels, Java 8 Functional, and Kafka Streams.


Develop using Kafka Streams, Python, .NET, or other programming model primitives

Pluggable Message Broker

Use the same application code and bind to your preferred message broker. Support for RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, Amazon Kinesis, Google Pub/Sub, Solace PubSub+, Azure Event Hubs, or RocketMQ

Manage Spring Batch Jobs

Use the Dashboard to manage the execution of Batch Jobs. You can view the detailed status report and restart the failed jobs.

Batch Jobs as a Connected Graph

Use the Dashboard to design the large-scale and compute-intensive batch data pipeline

Schedule Batch Jobs

Integration with Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes scheduler components.